Before ‘Brown,’ the U.S. Had 100 Black Boarding Schools. Now, There Are 4

About 20 miles south of Jackson, Mississippi, sits one of the last Black boarding schools in the country: Piney Woods. Founded in 1909, the school was created for the illiterate children of poor Black sharecroppers with a focus on vocational learning. Its founder, Laurence Clifton Jones, came from Iowa to Mississippi with $1.65, looking to improve the 80% illiteracy rate in rural Rankin County.

800 STEM Students Nationwide Gear Up to Launch Weather Balloons on Eclipse Day

For a year and a half, 20 eager Virginia Tech students have diligently prepared their scientific balloons for Eclipse Day. Along with about 800 other undergraduates nationwide who will participate in the NASA-sponsored National Eclipse Ballooning Project, these STEM students will launch balloons with scientific instruments attached to gather more information about Earth’s atmosphere.

New Poll Finds Overwhelming Support for More Trade Classes in L.A. High Schools

Sign up for our free newsletter and start your day with clear-headed reporting on the latest topics in education. A new survey of Los Angeles County voters, parents and students finds strong support for the expansion of skilled trades education in Los Angeles public high schools. More than 80% of those surveyed believe trade classes can better prepare students for a career, and the majority think it can be valuable for both college- and non-college-bound high schoolers.

Louisiana Teen’s Stroke-Detecting Invention Recognized in National STEM Contest

Ever since 14-year-old Naya Ellis can remember, science has been her favorite subject and she has wanted to help others by working in the medical field. She recalls taking care of her mother when she was about 7 years old, helping change her bandages during her battle with breast cancer. Now, the ninth-grader has combined her love of science and her desire to support others by desig

Growing Incel Culture Online Is A Threat To Girls Everywhere

In recent years “alpha-male” podcasts have proliferated online as one of the most popular sectors of incel culture. These content creators’ viewpoints on topics like women’s appearances, sex and relationships are rarely challenged by their loyal fanbases which are largely boys and young men whose frontal lobes aren’t fully developed. Unfortunately, this leads to their real life interactions with girls and women.

Black History You Probably Won't Be Taught in States That Ban Critical Race Theory

Since the unprecedented anti-racism and anti-police brutality demonstrations in 2020, far-right politicians have responded by proposing bills and enacting laws that limit conversations and teaching of race in public schools. The strategic deterioration of the term “critical race theory” by political pundits like Christopher Rufo has had a ripple effect on how race and history are discussed throughout the country.

Read to Your Dog, Your Cat—Just Read! NCAA Boosts Literacy for Indy 3rd Graders

Since 2016, the NCAA has been tackling the literacy crisis through its reading incentive program, Readers Become Leaders. Indianapolis, home of the NCAA, is just one of many cities where the organization hosts a “Read to the Final Four” challenge, where dozens of participating schools go head to head in a March Madness-style competition to see which will log the most reading minutes over 10 weeks. In Indianapolis, the NCAA also partners with local TV station WISH for an “I Love to Read” challen

5 Things Parents Should Know About Social Media’s Impact on Teens’ Mental Health

Slightly more than half of U.S. teens spend at least four hours a day on social media and on average, all teens spend close to five, according to a recent Gallup survey, whose findings underscore the growing alarm over social media’s role in the youth mental health crisis. Girls, who have been shown to be particularly vulnerable to the psychological harms of social media, spend even more time on the apps than boys (an average of 5.3 hours a day vs. 4.4 hours for boys) and the platforms consume

For This Dancer And Choreographer, Black Storytelling Centers Love — Not Suffering Roberts Profile

For dancer and choreographer Jamar Roberts, work means more than simply creating movement. It’s about recalling pivotal moments throughout history, his childhood and current events, and bringing them back to life. Roberts’ passion for Black storytelling is translated through the depth of research he does for each project, amplifying messages of love and tragedy for his audiences.

When Christian Colleges Fire ‘Woke’ Professors, Who Will Stop Them?

Professor Sam Joeckel’s 21-year tenure at Palm Beach Atlantic University ended after a single complaint from a parent who stated that Joeckel was indoctrinating his students. What started out as a typical day in February soon became a nightmare for Joeckel as the dean and provost of the university waited for him outside his classroom to inform him his teaching contract wouldn’t be renewed.

The Revival White Christians Are Missing

A Christian revival is typically defined as a continuous gathering that leads to an act of mass repentance. Though you won’t find the word “revival” used in the Bible, its likeness is seen all throughout scripture. Jesus breathing the Holy Spirit on his disciples in the upper room and the early days of the church during Pentecost are two biblical examples of revival (John 20:22-23; Acts 2). Each of these stories emphasizes aspects of what is typically understood to be a revival: a gathering of p
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